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Lethal Weapon 3 is a pinball machine from Data East, produced in 1992. It's based on the movie with the same name with Mel Gibson und Dennis Glover. The pinball was designed by Joe Kaminkow und Ed Cebula.

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Target Description:

As usual, in clockwise direction:

Feature Description:


The ballsaver (bulletproof vest) is active at the start of each ball until you hit four targets. If the ball drains before that, you get a new one. If the ball hits nothing before it drains, you get a new one as if nothing happend. There's a ballsaver at the start of Multiball, which lasts three seconds.


Try to hit the lit Leo target when launching a new ball. You score 2M if you succeed. This value is increased by 1M for each ball. If you fail to hit the target, you score 200K, increased by 100K. The Skillshot is active until you hit a target or for 30 seconds. If the ball drains without hitting anything, you get another chance.


The left outlane contains a kickback, which shoots the ball back out, if it drains there, if it is lit. At the start of each ball, it is allways lit. It can be re-lit by hitting the Light-Kickback-target, if it is lit. This target can be lit by hitting two succeeding left orbits (or three right orbits), even if the kickback is still active. The Light-Kickback-target remains lit if you drain.


If you hit a certain number of ramps (at least 3), the Lethal Weapon 1 Sinkhole is lit for an extraball. The same is valid for every 99 ramps. The ramps are counted throughout the whole game. The extraball can be lit as an Leo- or Super Leo-award, too. You can collect up to 3 extraballs.


Light all three Lethal Weapon Sinkholes to start a stunt. The dotmatrix display shows a scene from the movie and you get some points. Use the plunger, when the announcer says 'Now' and something flashes in the display to score another million. Here is a list of all stunts and the rewarded points:

  1. High Fall (5M)
  2. Car Crash (10M)
  3. Toilet (15M)
  4. Explotion (20M)
  5. Helicopter (25M)
  6. Super Stunt Spectacular (50M)

After Super Stunt Spectacular, you start over from the beginning. You can tell from the lights above the flippers which stunt will be awarded next. If all five flash, the next stunt will be super stunt spectacular. Stunts can be awarded during Multiball, too, although you won't see any animation. The Leo-award can be a stunt, too. The sinkhole do not count toward stunts during Super Lethal Weapon.


Shooting the left or right orbit, loads the uzi displayed in the middle of the playfield. When the magazine is full, you get an award. The following is a list of awards and the number of orbits needed:

  1. 3M (1 Orbit)
  2. Bonus and Bonus Multiplier held and 1M (1 Orbit)
  3. Super Leo and Super Spinner lit (2 Orbits)
  4. Crime Simulator and Getaway lit (2 Orbits)
  5. Crazy Riggs (3 Orbits)
  6. Looping lit (3 Orbits)
  7. Super Lethal Weapon (6 Orbits)

Additionally, you can see a criminal on the display (while the ball is in play). You can shoot him by activating the plunger. You score 100K, 200K or 300K for each shot (up to 6). The longer you wait, the more points you get, but don't wait until he shoots you. If you wait until the eyes of the criminal flash and the announcer says 'Now', you get the maximum. If you shoot six times, you get additional 2, 4 or 6M. If you wait too long, you get nothing.

It is impossible to reload the uzi before the shootout animation is over. After collecting all seven awards, you start over from the beginning. You can tell from the lights on the uzi which award will come next.


You light the Lethal Weapon 2 sinkhole for multiball by lighting all three lights at both droptarget banks (red wire, clock, blue wire). Until the third multiball, any completed bank lights the next light at both banks. Later on, any completed bank lights the next light on its side. At the start of each game, the red wires are already lit. Summary: You have to complete 2 banks, 3 banks, 3 banks and after that always 3 left and 3 right banks to light multiball. Before you start the first multiball, loosing the ball always lights the next light at both banks, that means, if you drain the first two balls without doing anything, multiball is lit. When starting multiball, you get 3M, two additional balls and a 3 second ballsaver.

At the start of multiball, the ramp is lit for jackpot. The jackpot value is 10M at the start of each multiball and is increased by 5M for each collected jackpot. If you rapidly hit 2 ramps, you get the double jackpot. You can light the double jackpot for 15 seconds by hitting the lit sinkhole. If you hit 2 ramps now, you get the quadruple jackpot. If you collect any jackpot, you have to re-light it by hitting the lit sinkhole. If you hit the ramp, when it is not lit for any jackpot, you score 500K.

If you loose all balls but one, you can restart the multiball by hitting the Lethal Weapon 2 sinkhole in 15 seconds. Each multiball can only be re-started once. If you loose all balls but one when the ramp is lit for double jackpot, you can collect it until the time is over. You can start all modes but Crime Simulator and Fight Mode during multiball.


If you hit the clock-droptarget and it is the first target in that bank that you hit, you can deactivate the bomb by hitting the left ('red wire') or the right target ('blue wire'). If you hit the wrong one, the bomb explodes. If you hit the correct target, you get 1M * Number of bombs deactivated (max. 5M) with this ball and the Million#-target is lit for the same value.

Freeway Million

You score x million for x ramps, where x can be one of the following: 3,7,14,21,31,43,57,73,91,99. The number of ramps is reset to 0 after 99 ramps. Now you get millions for one of the following: 10,14,21,31... ramps. The number of ramps is held through the whole game.


This mode is randomly started by any of the sinkholes and can be a Super Leo-award (not during Multiball). The display shows an animation of a fight between Travis and Riggs and a bar on the left and the right side. The faster you hit the flipper buttons, the faster the right bar grows. If it reaches the top before the left one, you score 5M or 10M, if the Fightmode was a Super Leo-award.

Crime Simulator

This is the videomode, which is startet by hitting the Lethal Weapon 2 sinkhole, if it is lit (not during Multiball).

Shoot the criminals (and the occasionally appearing cow) and not the civilians. You get 100K for the first criminal, then 200K, etc. The cow scores 1M. The videomode ends after 10 correct hits with additional 10M or if you shoot a civilian.


This is a random award, you get when hitting the Lethal Weapon 3 sinkhole, if it is lit for Leo. You can light the sinkhole by hitting all four Leo-targets. Leo is lit at the beginning of each ball. The following awards are possible:


If you hit the Lethal Weapon 3 sinkhole, if the leo-light is flashing, you get to choose with the flipper buttons between two random awards. Super-Leo gets lit, if you complete all four Leo-targets and Leo is already lit. The following awards are possible:


You start Getaway, when the right orbit is lit for it and the ball comes through the left inlane. You can see the getaway-award of 15M on the display, which decreases to zero in 15 seconds. Hit the right orbit to get the diplayed score.

Murtaugh Retirement

If the ball drains through the left or right outlane when they are lit for Murtaugh's retirement, you get a seeminly random award of about 5M. The oulanes are unlit at the start of each ball.


The ramp can be lit for looping. Hitting it scores 5M for this and any further rampshot within 20 seconds.

Victory Lap

If the ramp is lit for Victory Lap, you score 25M by hitting it within 15 seconds. Reaching the replay score also starts Victory Lap.


This mode is started by hitting any spinner if it is lit for Superspinner and lasts 15 seconds. A turn of any spinner scores 152,310 during this time. Superspinner has a base value of 2.5M. You get the superspinner score in the bonus.


Any bumper scores 100K until the end of the ball. Hitting all three bumpers scores 1M.


Any bumper scores 1M for 30 seconds.


Any sinkhole scores 10M for 30 seconds. These hits do not count towards Stunts.

Crazy Riggs

Each switch sores 250K for 15 seconds. Crazy Riggs starts with a base value of 2.5M. You get this points with the Bonus.


If you don't get Tilt (there's one tilt-warning by the way), you get the following bonus at the end of the ball:

(10K + activated switches * 7.5K ) * Bonus Multiplier
+ Super-Spinner-value
+ Crazy-Riggs-value

All switches count that you activated with this ball, except you have bonus held. The base value ((10K + activated switches * 7.5K ) * Bonus Multiplier) can not be higher than 1M. If you have bonus held with the last ball of the game, you get the base value twice.


At the start of each ball, the bonus multiplier is one, except you had bonus held. The multiplier is increased by lighting all three rollover lanes or as an Leo-award. The multiplier maxes at 8. If you light all rollover lanes after that, you get 1M.




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